Priceless things to help you get your project to completion

Priceless Sponsor 

Sirius Consolidated Incorporated

Priceless Vendor

Your one stop vintage motorcycle supply shop

 About SCI:

Your one stop shopping for Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV and Snowmobile parts and accessories at GREAT PRICES!

They stock what they sell and ship daily worldwide, with shipping options that save you money.

Looking for parts that no one sells, contact them about having them manufacture the part you need…  Parts like carb kits, brake parts, control cables, etc.  If there is enough demand they will have it made.

Serving the powersport industry for almost 20 years!



Priceless Product

Penetrant Catalyst

P B Blaster

PB Blaster

No self-respecting restorer would be caught dead without his PB Blaster. This stuff is amazing when it comes to: breaking nuts and bolts loose, removing rust, restoring the original surface of exposed metals, rejuvenating vintage grease, resurfacing sliding/mating metals, revitalizing vintage vinyl and rubber, freeing pistons from cylinders, revitalizing vintage chains, and so much more.

At the age of 50 years old, this product is still the leader in its class. In my opinion, its the only one in its class.

Try it now, let it set, come back and apply again, and remove unwanted debris, revitalize materials, or just generally renew old stuff like never before possible!

This product will have many references throughout the FatAoMR document. In many cases, this will be refered to as my “Magic Elixir”. Upon your first use, you too may refer to it as such.


Priceless Product

 POR-15 Tank Kit

Fuel Tank Liner

POR-15 Cycle ATV Tank Kit

Unless the interior of your tank is pristine, you should consider lining your tank so you can completely forget about it. With the POR-15 Cycle and ATV tank kit, everything you need for this step is included. This stuff is so great, you may want to consider lining your brand new tanks before ever allowing gasoline to be introduced into them.

By the time you complete your first restoration, you will realize that the corrosion from the tank interior is where all your trouble begins. And, not wanting to rebuild your carbs TWICE means not allowing further damage to enter them in the first place.

Priceless Tool

Priceless Tool

Leatherman Wave

Leatherman Wave

This tool will become addictive. It includes a handy belt mounted pouch. Once you get in the habit of wearing this tool (probably parked on your belt next to your cell phone) you will not want to be caught without it.

Talk about a tool of productivity, this tool will keep you going at the office, in your shop, and generally anywhere that you go.

In your shop, you will need to remember that you have a complete set of tools to do most jobs. It’s just that once you get in the habit of reaching for this, you may forget about your other tools.

Priceless Product Line

Shoe Goo, Amazing Goop, …

Product Line

 Here we have a one of the many priceless products from the Goop product line that is limited only by your imagination. This liquid rubber product has been designed to repair shoes. It has a consistency in the range of shoe soles to tire rubber. I can neither confirm nor deny having repaired a race tire with this product.

Torn motorcycle seat covers, cracked rubber breather boots, old missing rubber tank mounts, cracked fork seals and boots… The list is endless. 

The only serious recommendation about making this product work most efficiently, other than reading the directions, is to thoroughly clean the surface it is to be mounted to. I add one last prep-step by spraying with engine starting fluid and allow to evaporate.

Priceless Product

Shoe Goo Black


Priceless Product

 Like you aren't in the middle of a project

Goop Hand Cleaners

Just like the end of each job, this product is listed at the end of the Priceless string. However, there are many steps along the way where this product will make the job a lot easier and give you better results.

Consider Goop hand cleaner when doing the laundry, cleaning parts, cleaning the engine and frame, inside the chain guard and front sprocket cover…

For regular use in the garage, a small smear (enough to saturate your hands) applied to your hands, rubbed into the grungy areas and under the finger nails, can be wiped away with a shop rag then washed with soap and water.

 Like any of the above listed priceless products, being without them means you are between projects. Don’t run out!

Priceless Sponsor

Sirius Consolidated Incorporated

Your one stop vintage motorcycle supply shop

Shop now, enjoy later!


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