This page of links includes things like previous projects completed, informational vintage motorcycle restoration and racing links, as well as other general interest links.

Vintage and modern motorcycle parts and accessories source:

SCI: Your first stop source for motorsports parts and accessories


Bikes Completed and Available on Craigslist

Check back after Bike Week Daytona, March 2015


Bikes Almost Completed and Soon on Craigslist

“Yellow Jacket” 1974 CB200T Cafe-light 


General Vintage Bike Links

Old Man Honda: Great source for you and your kids!

CB350 Index of 350 Hondas  (as from the factory)

Craigslist Atlanta: Where you are most likely to find my projects for sale

WERA: Motorcycle Club Racing at it’s finest

WERA BBS: Where racers meet online (Vintage and Modern)

SkyDrive Public Folder


2 Responses to Links

  1. Tash #802 says:

    Hi Jack, I hope this message gets to you!! Could you please get back to me, at your earliest. I would like to speak to you about the jennings video from 2010. It was your camera on my bike (350 Honda), racing Jim Hinshaw & Dick Gruin.

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