This link is dedicated to helping those who are in the midst of resurrecting an “Old School” motorcycle. Those bikes with points and condensors instead of electronic ignitions. Those that have carburetors rather than fuel injectors. If you are on such an honorable mission, this is the place for help.

At present, all I can do is link you to the Google site I created to offer such help. In the future, I hope to have that help available here in the same location as my blog.

It’s clunky at best, but you can get what you need.

My Priceless help page includes information on my regularly used and “can’t do without them” tools and supplies.

Your main source of information you will find there is an ongoing work in progress known as Friends and the Art of Motorcycle Restoration.  It can be viewed in the link next to this help tab, labeled FatAoVMR8x  Or, download this .mht file to view it in any browser or print it out.

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