It’s all about the therapy:

This blog is the result of my gratitude to Mr. Martin Mattes and his decision to sponsor my vintage motorcycle racing habit. After years of being a regular customer of his at Sirius Consolidated Incorporated with all he offered in the world of vintage motorcycle restoration parts, supplies, tools, and accessories, I persuaded him to sponsor my efforts in return for my undying gratitude.

Years later, we have not only maintained a great professional relationship, but it has grown into a good friendship and racer’s camaraderie as well.

This spring (2011) Martin is getting back into vintage dirt bike racing on a 1974 Honda MT250. He’ll be screaming through the wilderness of Ontario Canada’s off-road race tracks. And, like myself, he will be avoiding any need for therapy sessions other than those experienced on the track

Check out the other links, as made available, on this blog site. I will be first linking, then transferring my vintage motorcycle resurrection assistance page to this site. There, you “old school” wrenchers can get help from the “Carb Master” on any form of difficulties you are experiencing with that soon to be back on the road (or track) vintage motorcycle.

Thank you, Martin!


1 Response to Therapy

  1. larry Ice says:

    Hi Martin
    I’m looking for someone to do work on CL350’s, CB350F’s CB400F’s and SL175’s.
    Do you have a shop you work out of (between races)or do you work on bikes as a hobby? I recently moved to Lawrenceville and am looking for some help with my bikes.
    Appreciate your giving me a call.

    Iceman 336-837-8501

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