Off Season Preparations

The 350 Honda has been drained of fuel, had the old Avon bias belted tire wheels removed and replaced with the 2017 season Conti Road Attack 2 CR mounted wheels. With the battery removed, Black Bullitt has been put to rest until fresh fuel and a charged battery will make it ready for the track.

The KZ400/440 is about to go through the track-to-street conversion as I may ride it in the Atlanta Veterans Day parade on Saturday celebrating 100 years since Armistice Day ended World War I. Being the Street & Track bike, I hope to keep it running with fresh fuel over the winter. Atlanta winter weather includes many rider friendly days and track testing on the road sure makes for some great motivation.

It’s time to concentrate on the third of the three race bikes in my corral, Red Storm. After the loss of my job in 2013, I spent the season joining my race partner for his races and was happy to play the role of his “pit monkey”. That positive attitude as well as being in the right place (a race track) at the right time I was blessed with a great race bike in need of some TLC. Thank you Sir Richard Oldakowski! It wasn’t until the end of the 2014 race season that Red Storm went from being off by one tooth on the cam/crankshaft timing to blowing smoke and oil out one cylinder. With two good running race bikes ready to go next season, it’s time to breathe life into Red Storm.

As the 2019 schedule information is released by both AHRMA and WERA, I will merge the two and replace the 2018 schedule with new information.

One big new secret learned this year would be the excellent handling capability of the Continental Classic Attack radial tires. I had put together many pieces of the puzzle, but not yet personally tested my theory at the beginning of 2018 when Scott was ready to buy tires for his 350 stocker racer. I had given him my observations of the Conti Road Attack CR 2 race compound tire evolution, added my suspicions, and recommended he trust me and race on the Continental Classic Attacks on the 90/90-18 configuration. Those smallest tires they offer wanted 2.15″ wide rims. Fitted on his stock 1.6″ front and 1.85″ wide rear rims, he would be close to what was specified for those tires.

Later in the season, when it was time to bring the KZ400/440 to Lil Tally, I mounted the exact same tires to stock rims of the same size. After realizing that the proper fit meant that the tire pressure didn’t have to go lower than normal tire pressure, they felt great! After a weekend at Tally and then again at the Barber Vintage Festival, the tires had been worn fairly evenly as Tally is a left hander and Barber is a righty. The amazement came when racing was done for the season and the tires were inspected. These STREET TIRES have the Conti “micro rough” compound. When described in the tire professional world: “Attack has a safe and short tire break in due to its revolutionary micro-rough tread surface”

These tires are nothing less than amazing. The grip was sure on both the 350 with the race compound and just as grippy with the 440 and front disc brake technology.  Am I serious about the tire I asked Scott to trust me about? 2 new Continental Classic Attack STREET compound 90/90-18 tires showed up and will replace the old Avon bias belted race compound tires and I’ll never look back. My research also included the new Conti Road Attack 3 tires which unfortunately are not offered in the 90/90-18 size… YET? As such, the pair I have will be configured on the KZ440 with 2.5 to 2.75″ wide rims as time permits.

The Road Attack 3 claim to fame is a seriously improved rain handling capability. Although 2018 was one rainy April to October, none of the races I competed in had any rain, in spite of the forecasts for each weekend. Take this information and run with it. You’ll be glad you did.




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A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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