Just Hours Before Barber Vintage Festival

The following is an announcement about the state of Georgia and it’s unconstitutional actions taken specifically against Vintage Motorcycle Owners NATIONWIDE.

Dear BoS friends,
It has happened! The state of Georgia has finalized and fully adopted the chain of registration Ex Post Facto law into full on collision intent.  No Title, No Registration without a completely documented paper trail back to the last registered owner, a requirement that WAS NOT IN PLACE just months ago. You have just had your rights violated, by the state government, for having done no wrong to nobody else… and you set the precedent.
Below is a quick update for a vintage motorcycle sale that had to dissolve. I am picking up the bike at Barber Vintage Festival to return to the seller after the owner for more than ten years, is not able to register a bike he’s been riding on the roads for years.
Perhaps you’d care to join this libertarian out for justice facing the state of Georgia?
The actions of which are U.S. Unconstitutional are, so far, running unchallenged.
What will it take for your couch potato self to become active as the encroachment nears your “pursuit of happiness”?
Just how subjective does it have to be for you to stand up and SAY NO TO GOVERNMENT?
The state of Georgia is violating the Constitution of the United States of America and you’re just going to sit there and let it happen?
The bike in question is one I sold more than a decade ago to a guy that worked at the place where I worked. He wanted something cheap and my 350 Honda resurrections had just broached the $1,200.00 minimum. The fairly stock CL350 Scrambler had been brought back to life and all functions tested and adjusted for optimum functionality. He rode this bike along the Clifton Corridor to his home not far away. I resurrected the bike and left a pair of my already tested carbs to prove proof of life, and a great idle as well. Delivered to buyer at Roebling Road Raceway and was coordinating the final tank and seat configuration as approved by sending images and text.

Then, just before Barber time was gearing up, the sale fell through. Seems that although he bought the bike 11 years ago, this new rule now applies retroactively to then and beyond!  If we don’t do something about this, all the bikes that do not have a complete copy of copy of copy of bill of sale back to the last registered owner then we all own parts bikes and vintage bike race frames.

From one of the most recently affected:
“I have the the same pic of the vin plate and took off from work and took it to the DeKalb vehicle registration office at 8am sharp this morning and they searched the records in any way possible, by vin, by my name, address etc.  This is no record of that m/c ever being registered in my name going back to 1/1/1977 when I moved to Atlanta. They showed me a list of every vehicle I have ever had registered in the state of GA.
The registration office said that I could not have registered this bike back when I bought it from you if you did not supply me with a valid registration in your name or someone else’s name.  Bottom line, the registration office said we had to prove a solid line history of purchase ownership of this vehicle in order to get current registration.
I rode it on the road only to/from Emory rehab a few times, 1 mile away.  Since it looks like I tried to register it and couldn’t because I had no previous registration/paperwork from you or any other seller.   The few times I rode it I prob used the tag from my 550cc Honda that was registered, insured and licensed at the time.  I do remember running out of gas on the 350 once in my only 3 or 4 trips to Emory, and I had to.bring it home on a trailer.  I rode the 550 routinely for several years and still have that registration now and tag sticker right up.through 2018.
Looks like I need to get registration from you or the previous owner to make the transfer to the new owner.  And as you said, can’t be something written on the back of a napkin, lol…”
So there you have it. The state of Georgia is now behaving as if this law is affecting transitions from 10 plus years ago.
So what ya gonna do about it?
Jack Houman
Vice President GANOA

About videojackster

A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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