May In South Georgia

The “Duck Chase” at Tally was a blast and I was hoping for more of the same action at Roebling Road Raceway in the middle of May. Doug and Jerry made it to Roebling. However, Scott had arrangements to make with the acquisition of his new to him house in Dalton, GA. Barry, although more optimistic about getting back on the track, still needed to get past a few check marks before his was ready for the race school that he scheduled for Road Atlanta. Other newbies still gathering information about the concept.

Happily surprised to find out that RRR is open much later. I actually got to camp inside the track instead of my occasional camping in the registration parking lot. By morning, I could figure out who was where in the infield. Doug and Jerry were way down yonder near the last turn of the track.

Bill Johnson was in attendance and riding his EX500, bone stock race bike. I got to let him know about the really appreciative Scott Kulina who was wise enough to by Bill’s CB350 race equipment for sale. Scott has plenty of projects to work on now in his new shop.

The full weekend of vintage racing included both Saturday and Sunday with the same race schedule. Two races with one trip for this event.

Saturday’s race included a disappointment as Doug’s bike did not make it to the start line. Jerry’s Duc was ready and it ended being just Jerry and I. The long fast track did not give my CB any advantage so I did all I could in the curves to give Jerry a run for his money.

As usual, Jerry had a great start and pulled hard all the way to turn 1, still in front of many of the EX250 Ninjas. He did a good job of keeping the Ninjas between us for the first lap or so. By lap 3, I was watching Jerry leave me in the dust on the “runway”, the long straight before turn 1 and yet by the last turn, I was closing by the last turn.  I am probably just one “head job” away from really giving Jerry a good run. I have the OEM type Kibblewhite springs, just need to set up another head.

By the white flag, I knew that Jerry had another win under his belt.  As Doug’s bike was determined to be in need of major repair, Sunday was pretty much a rerun of Saturday. The biggest disappointment was that the camera did no not created usable video fore either day. Since Cycle Jam video did come out good, I’ll end here and start the Cycle Jam write up.

Thank you Martin Mattes of Sirius Consolidated Incorporated for all the help and sponsorship. May it continue forever.



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A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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