Vintage Japanese Motorcycle People are the Best Therapy a Man Could Ask For!

Just as I was about to post a rant about what was almost my first negative experience in the world of Japanese vintage motorcycles I’ve ever endured, I received a text reply from a fellow vintage motorcyclist who shared as much with me as I shared with them.   My almost negative post was replaced with what is about to be the best turn around from rant to rave. Kelly and I shared a family connections with our fathers and motorcycle riding that you had to be there to appreciate. Thank you Kelly for the best night’s sleep in more than a decade and preventing me from going down the dark side.

Retrospect:  I had made arrangements to travel from my brother’s place in Virginia to Thurmont, Maryland to pick up a CB350 Honda, my specialty, for a recovery and resale. However, on the morning of the pickup, where I had taken a day off of work I had received a message from the seller that his cousin had purchased the motorcycle the seller had made arrangements for me to buy and pickup the bike upon his return to Thurmont, Maryland, his home town.

On the morning of pickup, I received a text message that his cousin had purchased the bike and that it was gone…

As the slogan that Honda had at the time of the CB350/CL350/SL350 350K twins were on the showroom floor stated: “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”.  I came to the conclusion that, after decades of proving the slogan true, that it became FACT that there was, after decades of evidence, nothing but truth in the slogan.

Just when I was about to go on a negative rant, after having made arrangements to purchase of a CB350 in Thurmont, Maryland from the owner who had made arrangements days before for me to meet and buy his bike, my angst was extinguished as I shared family ties with a Honda owner who had very recently lost their father and was selling late Dad’s vintage Honda motorcycle.

Immediately, my frustrations were extinguished in the pain of another biker’s loss of a father, reminding me of my loss of the same. We texted back and forth till the inevitable need for sleep kicked in.  At that point it was time for me to purge my angst with the positive experience shared with another soul whom I had not yet met.

After deep breaths and long exhales helped achieve a positive outcome,  I’m ready to move past my frustrations, thanks to Kelly.  Just another example that life is not as obvious as it may seem. As usual, all is good and righteousness was salvaged by divine intervention.


About videojackster

A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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