2017 Race Schedule is Posted!

I have been quite fortunate this year in that Mr. Martin Mattes of Sirius Consolidated Incorporated has agreed to sponsor me for all the races I attend in 2017. So the ambitious schedule is posted. Beginning in February with AHRMA at Roebling Road Raceway, one of the fastest tracks we race at. In March, AHRMA will take me back to Kershaw, South Carolina for the first time in many years. We take the month of April off for… lack of races available. Then, just when you think we might be getting into warmer racing in May, WERA racers will be heading up to Grattan Michigan to keep temperatures under control.

By June, things begin to heat up with  WERA Cycle Jam at Road Atlanta, in Braselton, Georgia. It’s a 3 or 4 day racing event with both vintage and modern bikes. Cycle Jam also makes for a great opportunity for the motorcycle racing spectators to camp out and live a weekend of motorcycle racing.

One month later, the pace really begins to pick up. WERA is hosting their usual July 4th weekend of racing a Barber Motorsports Park, the finest “campus” we go to race at. Topiary artwork in the infield and throughout this most fabulous refreshing place to be.

Less than a week later, WERA personnel have to be at the Mid Ohio Raceway for the WERA/AMA Mid Ohio Vintage Days where all sorts of vintage motorcycle racing will take place. It will also be my opportunity to race this world renown racetrack for the first time.

This leaves us with a full month to recuperate before our passport-required trip to the Canadian Gran Prix. The Canadian equivalent of the Barber Vintage Festival will be the site of the first August vintage race a Mosport hosts the Mosport Vintage Festival in early August. The weather is expected to be Canadian summer wonderful and a refreshing change from the next track weekend just one week later and 1,ooo miles south of Mosport.

Mid August will include a sweltering hot track, so no tire warmers required for vintage bike racers. Talladega Gran Prix Raceway will host our return to Hotlanta-like weather conditions romping around the “funnest” little track you ever had the chance to lean on at “lil-Tally”.

Just three weeks later, the Atlanta boys have their second local race at Road Atlanta just before the temps begin to cool down at the end of southern-summer. That’ll be one hot track that will be a blast to “stick to” while leaning through the curves and cresting the hills on some mighty fine September days. The real challenge on this weekend will be the divide between the WERA racing at Road Atlanta and the AHRMA racing at Lil-Tally.

AHRMA begins at Tally earlier in the week. They usually have practice day(s) prior to their back to back redundant race schedules Saturday and Sunday. In 2016, the opportunity to practice at Tally on Thursday or Friday with AHRMA, then load up and travel to Road Atlanta to race on Saturday, and then load up again and travel back to Munford, Alabama to Lil-Tally for Sunday vintage racing to complete an exciting extended weekend of racing.

The October spectacular is the AHRMA vintage racing event in front of the 70,000+ visitors to the Vintage Motorcycle Festival hosted by Barber Motorsports Park. Back at the finest campus we have the privilege to race at while surrounded by 70,000 of the nicest people you’d ever what to meet again.

With one month’s rest after the Barber Festival, WERA racers return to Barber Motorsports Park in a totally different scenario. For the WERA Grand National Finals, the racers and their family members that join them constitute the spectators at the WERA GNF. Any showboating will be only for the special few that come out to join us.

Should be a very exciting season in 2017. I’m also a bit more hopeful, with the change of regime, that our economy has a chance to return to the prosperity levels that will take us back to the days of 12 to 14 races in a season, all with WERA.

Come join us on the track! Grab a 1968-1973 Honda 350 twin (CB350,CL350,SL350), strip it down, and join us on the track. There are lots of racers willing to help newbies get up to speed and join the mix of racers. Keep the motor stock with stock Kei-Hin carbs and NEVER break the 99 mph mark, but have a blast where your fun meter is pegged all the time.


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A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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