2016 Racing Season is In Motion

April is behind us and May is fading fast. Grattan Raceway was the site for the first race of the year, last month. Bucky Sexton, Bill Johnson, and Pau Bogatko represented the 350 Honda “stocker” racers who made it to the grid. No details from any of the racers themselves, but I did notice that Bucky had a DNF in one of the races. Hopefully no issues with the motor that blew at the Grand National Finals at the end of the season last year.

As Savannah is four hour drive and there is no westward time zone time change, it’s a track best spent sleeping in close proximity the night before. And, as it’s Memorial Day Weekend… “camping at the track” sure beats the crowded, overpriced, heavy traffic hotels of outer Savannah.

Saturday morning wake up is sure to be a rush. Waking with all sorts of race motorcycles in sight and lots of my race buddies “clutching” their coffee cups just like I’ll be doing.

Last weekend’s race bike check went well. After an in depth inspection, there was a short list of items to “upgrade” as “Black Bullet” (formerly Maroon Monsoon) enters his 12th race season since my initial acquisition. New number plates (just ordered), all new Velcro adhesion for the seat, some carb parts here a GoPro mount there… and the Black Bullet is ready for a green flag.

Consider this as the “green flag” for the 2016 vintage motorcycle race reports and will be through October. Speaking of October… made arrangements to be at Barber Vintage Festival this year?

Standby  for the Roebling Road Raceway reports and videos…





About videojackster

A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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