Cash Prizes for Vintage Racing!

You read that right. Thanks to special sponsorship by a retired WERA vintage motorcycle racer, Mr. Ron Raven, call sign “CanAm” on the WERA BBS, this initial offering will be available at Barber Motorsports Park  (the finest campus we have the privilege to race at)  in Leeds Alabama (just east of Birmingham) on Saturday, July 2nd.  Cash awards include: 1st = $150; 2nd = $125; 3rd = $100; 4th = $75; 5th = $50.  Even though multiple classes of racers run on the track at the same time, Mr. Raven has come up with a handicap model that is based on the previous six “dry race days” at Barber with these WERA Vintage race classes. For more details, check out this string on the WERA Vintage BBS. Come watch us and save time to enjoy the Barber Museum. You won’t believe the collection.

Odds of Winning: 50/50? This is just another example of incentives being offered to save what could some day become a lost pass time. Some of the grids in these vintage classes have had only two or three racers show up. Completing the race, a very important part of vintage racing as the bikes themselves are not the ultra-reliable motorcycles on the showroom floor today, has for many racers yielded trips to the platform to thank those who helped them get there. That’s why I race the “bullet proof” CB350 Honda in the “Stocker” class, GP350 and “bump up” to the GP500 class on my GP350 bike. It’s a case of “Double Digit” racing (less than 100 mph) with a 26 horse power motor that won’t buy you back the speed if you ease off on the throttle.

If you have half a mind to join us, get started now. Email, text, and web link support available from fellow vintage racers. Check out answers to questions you may have by searching the WERA Vintage BBS, HondaTwins.Net, or Google to find your favorite support forum.

Ever wondered what to do with those old tw0 stroke (two smoke) motorcycle? Vintage motorcycle racing is a great way to let them “be all they can be” with fellow 2 strokers.

Just marginally interested? Come down and see for yourself. Visit us at the tracks we race at. Bring your cameras and record stuff to post on YouTube? Chat with the racers, when their not knee deep in preparing for a race, and meet the ones who have stepped up to the track. Stop by an meet me and the 350 Honda racers. Just a bunch of guys who enjoy each other’s company on and off the track.

Grab a friend and take a road trip! Perhaps someone that could end up being your race partner? Someone to share a ride with? Split the travel costs and spend the difference on race bike upgrades? Come on down and meet some new friends. We’d be happy to answer questions and help you make the transition. Speaking for the 350 Honda racers (all), in both the GP350/GP500 as well as the Vintage 1/Vintage 2 classes, I’ve yet to see a situation where somebody needed something to get on the track and it didn’t show up from somebody in the same class you’d be racing against. We all help each other get to the grid (starting line) and after that… “we play tag with out friends“. Just kidding, read the article to read about the camaraderie.

Fun philosophies of motorcycle racing, taken with a grain of salt…

“You don’t need brakes, they just slow you down.”

“Don’t look back. Someone might pass you on the other side.”

And my original “Life begins at 45 degrees and goes up at a parabolic rate.”



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A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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