New Racer on the Track

The winter has been gentle, for the most part. The countdowns to “Bike Week” have been few and far between, as a result. Wishing for more race weekends, earlier in the season, hasn’t seemed to changed anything as the schedule appears to be solidified. (see 2016 race schedule)

Since the last season ended with even more race bike refinement and no motor grenade, the 2016 season is “all systems go” with both bike and rider. The camera is ready to record all the excitement. While our first race is isn’t until the last day of April. In the southeast, that might guarantee a warm track, however the first race is in Grattan, Michigan.

Since I wasn’t also having to do anymore troubleshooting of “Black Bullet” this winter, I was able to guide a DIY 350 Honda race bike builder who is having machine work done to his GP bike. Barry Hasenkopf has gone over his prospective race bike after Keith & I were able to show him multiple bikes and perspectives to consider while working his way to the race track in spring. He’s had his cylinders bored to match his pistons & rings. Cam chain tensioner decision is TBD. Rear set design is yet to be unveiled. More that has yet to make it public remains to be revealed. Barry has an ongoing photos essay on Facebook that is worth checking out.

If you’re thinking about racing with us on a vintage motorcycle. Just get in touch and let’s get you ready for the track. If you’re in the process of a vintage race bike build, be sure to take plenty of photos to document the process. You could be paving the way for many more enthusiasts that follow.

There’s also an old race bike, made new, to a different racer, making news in 2016. Bill Howard, the 2015 AHRMA Novice Historic Production Lightweight Champion, is stepping his way up to the next level. He purchased Mr. Royce Eaton’s 350 Honda souped-up V1/350 Sportsman race bike and has converted it back to left hand (foot) shift. Royce converted the 350 Honda to right side GP shift configuration to maintain his similar race bike’s shift pattern. Norton and Ducati twins were a part of Royce’s track experience.

Royce is one of my race heroes on the track. Fast and smooth is how we’ll all remember Royce’s time on the track. I’ll be doing my darndest to exceed the age at which Royce raced until he decided to retire from racing. 74, 75, or 76, if I remember correctly. I look forward to greeting my 60s while racing and then have ten more years for the next big landmark.

Next entry… I’m hoping to find a lot of vintage motorcycle riders to show up at vintage motorcycle race events.




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A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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