“Playing Tag with My Friends on the Track”

With my 350 showing about all it can put out in the stocker mode, I got to battle for the back of the pack with Jamie Brenton and John Cook. After a little fun dicing it up with the pack merged into turn one at the start of the race, we eventually fanned out to our respective packs of riders to play with. Honorable mention go to Charles Galt and Mark Williams, a couple of two stroke, higher powered machine racers, that stayed in the mix giving us ongoing strategic racing through the curves of Road Atlanta.

I must note how sad it seemed to have such a low turnout at Road Atlanta and at our track visits over the last several years, indicative of our a continued floundering economy. The diehards that did show up to the awards ceremony amounted to about a dozen and a half, as seen in the photo:


Some had many miles to travel and left after their events were completed. Safe travels to all my vintage racing buddies! I look forward to seeing all of you at Barber Motorsports Park for the WERA Grand National Finals at the end of next month. I also hope to see all who attend the Barber Vintage Festival, just two weeks before the GNF.

As for Racing on the track, again as has been the case for all of the races this year, the GP500 was our first venture to the track. My tachometer may be reading a bit low as seen in the footage, but my motor was putting out as much as I could hope for compared to the nicely built motors of engineers John Cook and Jamie Brenton with whom I battled with both. I’m not going to describe the races this time, but rather link to each video which are both worth watching from beginning to end. Like the footage from Tally just three weeks before, I stayed grouped with the pack and this videojack had some of the finest action to record and show for those interested.

GP500 Road Atlanta, 9-11-2015

GP350 Road Atlanta, 9-11-2015

My YouTube Channel where you can see all the posted videos including some nice ride footage from the Norton INOA rally 2015.

A great time was had by all that showed up. A clean dry track was enjoyed on our first day this year without the presence of rain. Thank you WERA, my friends on the track, and a very special salute and kisses to the corner workers without whom we could not play tag on the track.

Saving the best for last, thank you Mr. Martin Mattes & Sirius Consolidated Inc., “The Keyster Carb Kit Capital of the WORLD”, my race sponsor and my business mentor. For all vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, both on and off the track, check out the parts available for your bikes and compare prices. You may be able to beat me on the track, but you can’t beat the deals available at SCI!


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A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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