Back in the Saddle Again!

This is a catch up entry to cover the gaps left behind from some hiccups in life. This is also a heads up to note the my 350 race bike, formerly known as Maroon Monsoon and I have been reunited and we are most recently fine tuned for some good old-bike action on the track.

After making three trips to the track this year and just not having the performance, nor reliability, that I remembered Maroon Monsoon having, I decided to sit out the July 4th race at my favorite track that we have the pleasure to race at, and pull Black Bullet’s motor. I made this decision after testing the only theory I had left that would explain the 80% – 85% power output that I was getting from the bullet.

That theory was that in the time the bike was out of my possession, there had been a top end required to replace a piston.  That procedure requires separating the cam chain from the cam and the crankshaft. The reassembly, to get the timing correct, can be quite tricky and can even fool you if you let it. The testing of that theory was achieved by reinstalling a stock points plate, points, condensers and applicable wiring.

One of the amazing engineering aspect of the perfect vintage motorcycle, the 1968-1973 350 Honda twins, is that by simply replacing the points with new OEM, Daichi points and condenser set followed by gapping them at .o15″ and then centering the points plate detent on the points housing detent, the engine is almost perfectly timed. Using this knowledge on the race bike which has a crankshaft based Dyna-S electronic ignition system, I tried the points based setup. Black Bullet ran like crap even though the electronic ignition system got a moderately proper results. I then adjusted the points plate to max advance and the engine ran just like it did with the Dyna-S.

This test confirmed my theory while the super duper Brenton Brothers teflon cam chain slipper tensioner prevented me from correcting the cam positioning without removing and tearing down the top end. Such adjustments can be made with the original rubber wheel tensioners without pulling the motor.

Meanwhile, at Barber Motorsports Park, celebrating their independence on the track were John Cook, Jamie Brenton, Bucky Sexton, Doug Bowie, and David Hurst in the 350GP and 500GP race classes. From the report I got from John, most of the guys were dealing with issues with their bikes. John Took 1st in the 500GP but didn’t finish the 350GP. Jamie took 3rd in the 350GP but didn’t finish the 500GP. Even David Hurst didn’t start the 500GP race. Had I been there, it would have probably been my fourth consecutive race weekend without finishing the second race of the day. Now things are different and I’m ready to race with my buddies.

Another racer is prepping to make is return to the 350GP/500GP circuit for the first time in a long time. Keith Bennett and I will be working on converting his GP bike to 35mm front forks this weekend for the following weekend’s race at Talladega GP Raceway on the 22nd of August. Keith’s V1 motor is in need of a new crankshaft which is a major project, not possibly done before Tally.

I should also note that Red Storm is NOT out of the picture. I hope to dig into her motor very soon for top end and cam chain tensioner work. Based on what both Richard Oldakowski and Doug Bowie have told me, once she’s right, I’ll have to man-up to match her capabilities. I look forward to the transitions we both will go through together.

Back on track with race reports and videos as they occur!

One fact to note is that in my three previous race weekends with either a DNS or a DNF for one of each of the weekends, there was a consistency involved. It was the 350GP races where I failed to finish with the guys. The good news is that in the GP500 class, I have a 2nd place standing so far and now Black Bullet is ready to run in the front of the pack. So, I’m going for the 500GP title! Stay tuned.

Feel free to visit my race sponsor’s website for all your internal combustion powersports needs. WERA Vintage Racer #795 Sponsored by Sirius Consolidate Incorporated, the Keyster Carb Kit Capital of the World!


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