Helping with a Righteous Cause

If you’ve ever wanted to be an activist, but never really “acted” on anything…

Or, if you’ve acted on some things that didn’t quite end up being what you thought it would be about…

Or, you just want to do something for someone who could use your help, I have just the guy in mind.

A couple months after I left the vintage racing scene in March, a really good racer, with a really good sponsor, who is just an out and out, really good guy, had a nasty accident on the racetrack at Roebling Road Raceway, in the Savannah, Georgia area in June.  As he was knocked unconscious and doesn’t remember the details very well, the cause of the accident is not really known. What is known is that he went into turn one, after the very long straight-away at Roebling and didn’t slow and didn’t make the turn.

Joe Pomeroy broke 8 bones in his back, 2 in his neck, 16 ribs, and his femur.

Joe, at the moment, is a paraplegic. However, if you know Joe, and have seen him race, you know that Joe will not give up till he finishes. And, for Joe, the race has many miles to go before it’s completion. You see, Joe is one of those guys that, if racers had such a title, Joe would have earned it over and over again, “Mr. Congeniality”. Newbie racers and Old fogies alike would get Joe’s attention, if you showed the slightest interest. Even when I was an old fogie-newbie racer, Joe was someone to learn from and a spirit lifting presence both on and off the track.

When I heard of Joe’s crash, I thought that it was a very likely scenario as Joe is a fast racer on some very fast bikes. Joe’s race sponsor, Mr. Jim Henshaw of “Fast from the Past” is another fast racer on fast bikes. On many occasions, the two of them have been the excitement on the track while we 350 stocker racers were between track sessions. The two of them, would have such action packed races that would stop us from what we were doing to get our bikes back on the track, while they would be dicing it up and weaving between the traffic and have our full attention.

Motorcycle racing, of any kind, can be a dangerous sport. I never even tried to fool myself that it was safe. I have always believed, and proved on many occasions, that crashing on a 335cc 1970s Honda twin motorcycle running in the “stocker mode” would be safer than a 750 Norton or the screaming fast two-stroke bikes that Joe’s raced. I’ve also had to admit that the circumstances of any crash can create havoc when hundreds of pounds of motorcycle are tumbling in the air and have to land somewhere where I might just be sliding or laying in a vulnerable position.

Well, the second worst case scenario happened to Joe, thank God he’s alive. And, as in his own words, the depression has been overcome and he’s ready to do what it takes to walk again. As a racer, that means he’s shooting for using his two feet and actually running again, as fast as he has ever run in his life.

This is, if you wish to participate, where you come in…

Joe is determined to walk again, but only has less than two weeks before his insurance runs out. He’s not letting that stop him. Nor should you. Joe is learning about stuff on the internet that he avoided before. Stuff like FaceBook. He’s reaching out to his fellow racers and keeping in touch with us through the WERA BBS:

Joe has also created a website (now in it’s early stages) where he posts updates on his recovery and his therapy progress.

To make contributions, PayPal funds to Joe via

Touch the life of a person you not only hope to meet someday, but hope to walk & talk with him as well.




About videojackster

A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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1 Response to Helping with a Righteous Cause

  1. Maria Rodeghiero says:

    Jack, Thank you so much for posting this! I will help as much as possible and will continue with prayers for his full recovery!
    Blessings to all, Maria 🙂

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