The Future May Seem Distant, but It Does Have a Ray of Sunshine

While working on finding a new company to work for, I take a break now and then to see what distractions I’ve steered clear of for weeks at a time.

My racing buddies will be tearing up the track at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, Alabama this weekend. Jamie Brenton is making his comeback as I’ve left the scene. Hopefully he and Keith will be able to team up and share rides and hotel expenses. I got a chance to see James Walker’s new frame at Charlie Young’s place and the work it requires. Have fun my friends. Keep looking over your shoulders for me as you round that last turn.

While my buddies race, I’ll be at my daughter’s graduation ceremony at Georgia State University as she receives her bachelors of science in biology degree that will accompany her associates in language (Spanish). I couldn’t be more proud of her and her accomplishments. Since her head on collision, back in high school, she’s had to deal with double vision and focusing issues that she simply takes in stride. Working as a pharmacy tech for months now, we’re hoping that she makes it off the “wait-list” at PCOM and is allowed to start her Pharm D schooling in the fall. Keep your fingers crossed.

Continuing my education and training while filling out job applications online, I’ve completed my certificate in both Adobe Premiere and Photoshop. Both are programs that I’ve used for more than a decade, but now I have certifications to list on the next rendition of my resume. Much of my professional career has involved gathering the information to complete each project or job requirement, but has to date not required any paperwork.

And one last honorable mention in this update… Speaking with Martin Mattes of Sirius Consolidated Incorporated I was assured that when I am ready to return to the race circuit, he’ll be ready to sponsor me again. As such, I’ll be saving strategic parts for the  next generation super GP350 bike to bring to the track some time down the road.

So, for all your vintage and modern motorcycle parts and accessories needs, please check out Sirius Consolidated Incorporated and Sirius Motorsports Inc for marine, off-road, street riding, and personal watercraft needs.

Martin and SCI have been so good to me and I do not want him to feel abandoned by my educational fulfillment decision.

More soon and hopefully good news is just around the corner.



About videojackster

A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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2 Responses to The Future May Seem Distant, but It Does Have a Ray of Sunshine

  1. Mo says:

    Hey Jack…Jim here. Man I’m at a loss for words in respect to your job market but I pray you find employment today and have continued success with you educational venture. I too know the feeling as my bride of 25 years this month as gone through unexpected job releases with the student financial aid world BUT thank Go he has always provided and I’m sure he will for you too.

    As for racing…man I wish I was more devoted to venturing out there but right now I’m content with still doing track days on both my Honda CBR’s – 1000 which i purchased in March and my trusty 600… Awesome!!!

    I still have my CL 350 but as always wish I had more..

    Thx as always for helpin me and I pray great things are heading your way…

    Stay positive and focused…if you have a list of any of your bikes for sell, send it my way…I’ll shop them for you.


    Sent from my iPhone

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