Going for the Gold, in HD

After years of racing vintage motorcycles and recording those races in the standard definition (underscan) on the GoPro non-wide format, I am now recording in high-definition. It took a while to get there, then it took a while to get it right. The original GoPro HD Hero I purchased had some technical difficulties. I tried multiple brands of name brand, class 10, SD chips before I had to send the camera back for warranty repair.

Two weeks later, I received my new serial numbered HD Hero camera back from GoPro and just completed my first recording on my way into work. So, I’ll have the HD camera on my bike and the SD cameras on the closest competitor’s bikes that show up at the GNF.

This year, the Grand National Finals will be held at Barber’s Motorsports Park in Leeds, Alabama. Barber is the finest campus we race at. The WERA GNF will be held just two weeks after the Barber Vintage Festival where my wife and I will spend a nice long weekend with 70,000 of our closest friends. The Vintage festival will have vintage motorcycle racing with the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, the organization I started racing on my Norton with in 1996.

Not being an AHRMA member or racer at present, I’ll be pitting for Mr. Keith Bennett, my WERA race partner, and running cameras on his and other bikes. The rest of the Festival, I’ll be enjoying a lot of R&R with fellow vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. If you don’t have your tickets already, I am surprised to report there are still some available.


Less than two weeks to the gate opening. Hope to see you there.

Now, for the “Going for the Gold” part….

Prior to the last round of races up north, it looked like I might have won the GP500 National Championship without even racing in the GP500 class at the GNF. I still would have been there, of course. But it’s always nice to have a commanding lead. Depending on who makes their way down from the colder part of our racing realm, I may or may not have to finish the race in order to receive the trophy.

It’s at this point that I should also state for the record that by no means am I saying, not even in jest, that I am the fastest racer in this class. This is vintage motorcycle racing! The bike has to finish the race. The rider has to finish the race. And, the bike and the rider have to finish the race together, under the power of the engine that the bike started the race with. If you’ve been following this blog for this season, you’ve seen how James Walker was taken out for the remainder of the season. If you read the first race report, you’ll note that James Walker took first place from me, in the rain, with a front tire that not only had no tread at the beginning of the race, but lost the shadow of the tread in the rainy race.

I guess I’m just turning up the tension level during the lull before the last race of the season. Stay tuned and prepare to see the next video in HD…


About videojackster

A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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