CycleJam 2012, Road Atlanta Raceway

With the August 24th races completed, I feel obligated to finally complete my writeup of the Road Atlanta races that followed Roebling by only five days. Seems the economy and weekday racing had prevented most of the participants from going to Road Atlanta, even though the CycleJam event landed in our back yard this year, instead of Virginia International Raceway. There were only three competitors that made it to the grid position for each race.

Mike and Wendy brought their secondary sponsor’s motor home to Road Atlanta. It was at that race that I pointed out to them that a brother/brother in-law that would make his motor home  available to them is a sponsor. They will be giving him full credit at future trips to the podium.

Doug Bowie made it out for the GP350 race and had his race partner for pit and moral support, although James Walker was still recovering from his crash at Roebling. If you have seen the video, then you missed a lot. See Roebling below, first video. It’s a short one.

My main man, Mr. Keith Bennett brought his freshly crashed into V1 super special to Road Atlanta, a track he doesn’t much care for. Or, at least he didn’t before running this baby at the track he now loves. And, unlike the first race at Roebling Road, I had no chance to keep up with him on the even longer/faster Road Atlanta track. Besides, he was getting a feel for the bike and his learning curve was accelerating.

There were no surprise outcomes. Mike did have some techno-juggling to do with his and Wendy’s bikes. Doug cam through with a great idea after Wendy’s motor blew a spark plug out the threaded hole. He had Mike remove the compression ring off the spark plug to increase the depth of the threads available. Then Mike used a binding substance (can’t remember which one) and torqued the plug in and let it set till the next race. Worked just fine for the day.

Without Keith, Jamie, James, David Hurst, the Adams Family, Steven Barber, John Cook and any other GP racers on the track, racing in the GP classes, at my pace, it was just another day at the track. Fun, but missing something.

Socializing was covered with the Mike and Wendy tech sessions. Carb mastering was had some excitement educating Mike on his and Wendy’s bikes. But not sure if the problems were carb or ignition related. I found out that Pamco electronic ignitions are involved. These are new for the 350 twins, but Pamco has a good rep with the XS650 and CB450 crowds. Stay tuned for an update.

I’m going to leave with two links of race videos. The first held up for the duration as was pretty much worth watching. The GoPro gave up on the second race, but may have been a blessing as all we did was spread out on the track with nobody close the to pace of anybody else. Three bikes/racers in a class, on Road Atlanta, can get very lonely as time goes on. All you can do after a while is go fast enough to avoid being lapped. I did.


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  1. Julienne Houman says:

    Nice update!! Love it!

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