Prepare Now, So that You Will Be There in October!

Last year, my wife and I (and 70,000 of our closest motorcycle friends) had a great time watching the vintage motorcycle races, experiencing the “Wall of Death”, touring the amazing vintage motorcycle museum, walking through one of the largest vintage motorcycle swap meets in the world, and enjoying the company of some really great people. 

This year, we will be bringing our 15 year old son to the event. It is very family friendly, but I recommend waiting till your kids are old enough to “do as they are told”.

 If you are interested, our Norton Owners group has about 20, three day general admission tickets available for $40 each. This does not include camping or access to  the museum. But this will get you in and out of the gate, if you are going to be a “hotel camper” for the extended weekend.

I race with WERA in the GP350 and GP500 classes. As this event is for AHRMA racing, I will not be racing, but rather enjoying being a spectator, pit crew member and videographer of the event. If you ever wanted to see some exiting vintage motorcycle racing, this could be your best chance at the nicest campus we race at. 

If you can’t make the Barber Vintage Festival Days, but wanted to watch some serious vintage motorcycle racing, the WERA Vintage Grand National Finals will kick off an extended weekend (Thursday through Sunday) October 25th through 28th and I’ll be racing on Thursday the 25th, just two weeks later.

More information about the event at the Barber website:


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A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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