Road Hotlanta Raceway in the Middle of Summer

Please pardon the delay in my update. I took the advice from all concerned and went on vacation immediately after the awards ceremony at Road Atlanta. And, with as much as went wrong there, it was the best move all day.

First, my continued apologies to Lorraine Crussell. She is the vintage racer whom I did not get a chance to meet. We raced both the GP350 and the GP5oo where she finished in front of me both races. The confusion came in where after the races were over (around beer:30) I had the pleasure of meeting a Class E superstock racer lady that spoke of how enjoyable it was racing with the vintage guys. Seems here times are not very competitive in the class yet and her times are comparable to ours. I had the chance to mention how WERA is really good about stuff like that and how I appreciated their flexibility also.

In the process of loading and meeting Lynda Jenkins of Buford, GA, I didn’t store her name into memory well enough to avoid embarrassing myself totally. So, when it came time for the awards to be given out I took the liberty of letting Jeff (Mr. Microphone) know that I spoke with Lorraine (not remembering Lynda’s name) and that she was not entitled to the third place trophies, and therefore I was.

That long story made short ended with me getting a phone message, while on vacation and caught without internet connectivity, from Mr. Charlie Young. He informed me of my faux pas. When I did get a chance to get online I found where both Lynda and Lorraine where on the track that day. Who would have figured there would be a total of three lady racers running vintage road racing at Road Atlanta that day. Not me, obviously.

This is also my chance to mention the third lady racer, Wendy Gee who, with her husband, Mike Hutchison spent the night before Road Atlanta with me and my family. And, in case I forget to mention it, tangled with John Cook on the return to the pits, only to bust off the camera off John’s fender. I think I’ll get an account from both before entering it into the blog for all to see.

In continuum of my apology to Lorraine, I have since sent the one trophy that I did take away from the award ceremony to Emily at WERA for the return to it’s rightful owner. I am now making this very public acknowledgement that “I was wrong” and “I stand corrected” on the matter. I would also like to reiterate that which I offered on the WERA Vintage Racers BBS/forum… Let’s have a non-grudge rematch. I really hope to at least shave some of the 4 second difference in the GP500 and the almost 7 second difference (while she was on a CB160 for goodness sake) in the GP350 race.

Nice work Lorraine! That was the most impressive smaller displacement spanking I ever received.

Now, for the actual races. No video was recorded for the first race. So there’s nothing to show for the 350GP. Between Maroon Monsoon and Silver Bucket, I was testing the waters to see which was most race worthy.

Silver Bucket had a replacement motor recently installed. I finally got to checking out Jim Moser’s SL350 that was valve tapping the last time we fired it up. I did find the valves improperly adjusted on two of the four valve settings. John Cook had broadcast his findings about the markers on 350 Honda twins. Seems the valve adjuster cams have markers for a reason. The marks are to be set pointing away from the camshaft. It’s a 50/50 shot and I got half of the results correct.

So, it was the first time Silver Bucket was on the track with that motor. I found a slight clutch push rod seal leak so I tried Maroon Monsoon. He seemed to be ready for the track.

Everything cam down to the wire for our first race because it was the first race of the day. I took fourth behind Lorraine, who followed Jamie Brenton, who followed Doug Bowie in our class.

We had a good chunk of time between races as our second race was the last race of the day. This time was also gobbled up helping John Cook put his bike back together after taking turn 12 too hot and sliding his bike into the pea gravel. It makes a great impact absorber, but plays havoc on the helmet and finish of the bike. The silver lining here is that John’s bike, previously unnamed, is now know as BamBam. And, we all know that BamBam loves Pebbles.

With just enough time to slap cameras on John’s, Jamie’s and my bikes, (Keith did not make it to Road Atlanra for this race. He had not prepared his bike and stayed home for this one.) I swapped batteries and clipped them on.

The results of all of the videos is still unknown. I do know that Jamie’s camera did not yield a functional video for some reason. My camera did behave for my race. John’s video is still in question since Jeff (Mr. Microphone) is going to bring it to me at Roebling Road Raceway later in July. You see… John Cook and Wendy Gee came off the track together. I mean at one point they were so together that the camera snapped off mount I clipped it to at the beginning of the race.

As such, all I have to offer is a single camera rendition of the 500GP from Road Atlanta. So, for the time you can see her in my camera, that is Lorraine disappearing from view in front of me. We did have a few sessions of cat and mouse until she just decided to leave me in the dust. (I hope this has been an adequate exercise in flagellation for my sins.)

The rest is recorded and should be viewed as is.


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A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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6 Responses to Road Hotlanta Raceway in the Middle of Summer

  1. Corinne Houman says:

    Hi Honey, Now I got your blog address….can’t wat to start reading!!!!!

  2. Jim Moser says:

    Excellent write up of your latest race…

  3. Chris says:

    Love reading the blog!!!

  4. Ethel says:

    It will be good to receive your blog so I will keep up with you and where you are.


  5. John Cook says:

    Great blog Jack!

  6. Jamie says:

    Yo Jack – how u doin’

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