Talladega Gran Prix Raceway, without the icycles!

After the mediocre performance at Roebling, I spent the next day on nothing but the race bike. No work on my street machine nor on any resale bikes. And, I thought I had things worked out and ready for Tally.

When it came time to load up, I took my usual test ride up and down the street only to be disappointed by the mini test ride. I went straight checking the floats and found one really way off from what I remember adjusting it to. Verified there was no gas shaking around inside the float as was some of the cause of issue at Roebling and there was no sign of leaks. So, after one final adjustment the test ride proved satisfactory.

Keith had a little work to perform on his bike so I took my time loading, gassing up, and grabbed some two-stroke beer on the way to Keith’s. He was just wrapping up when I offered him a cold one. After a little coaxing he accepted. Seems he is getting serious about trimming off some fat, getting in shape, and having it show on the results board. Watch out world here he comes.

An evening of bench racing and political speculation led to a post midnight bed time. With a 5:30 wakeup, that made for some groggy racers loading up the truck in the morning. We got in as late as we had ever shown up, but it was of no concern. The economy had continued to create a very weak showing at the track. That is of course, except for the vintage racers. Namely the GP350/GP500 racers. We have developed a fairly consistent set of riders and the hard-core guys won’t miss Tally.

We had no delay with registration even though online registration failed for me both at two weeks prior and one week prior. Therefore I had to pay “at the gate” prices, but no delay waiting in line.

We set up the easy up after unloading the bikes and gear. Sun was rising and so was the temperature. Practice sessions were uneventful and we had the 5th and 7th races since there were minis races starting the day.

This was a social race. All the adjustments were made. Gearing was proper and verified on the track. The bikes were behaving. And we were missing the British Motorcycle Rally in the north Georgia mountains, just like we did last year. This was no surprise as our street enjoyment riding had declined as a result of racing. But we got our therapy in at every track.

Since we had three good working cameras (even though there was an Alabama bug that smeared Jamie’s Camera in the second race) I was able to edit together two very exciting videos that say what happened a lot better than what I could describe in words.

So with that and a couple of links, I’m actually caught up on my blog with a week plus before Road Atlanta. This is important as I found a motor issue that needs to be addressed before the Atlanta race.

So here they are! Enjoy Talladega GP racing at it’s finest.




About videojackster

A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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