Kershaw Involved a Crash and a Motor Blown

Not much time at all to cover all that has occurred as I need to recover from a blown motor.

The highlights include a noticeable reduction of power halfway through the race, fading brakes into the tough turns, and finally the motor shutdown just as I up righted toward the last turn on the last lap…

I coasted fast through the last turn and was about to be overwhelmed with disappointment when I saw Chuck waving the checkered flag.

With a last ditch attempt to salvage the points for the GP500 class, I popped my clutch and the engine roared to live.

Well, perhaps it was more like it spit and sputtered on one cylinder across the finish line.

I immediately pulled the clutch back in and let it coast to pit out.

From there, I walked my trusty steed, with help from Mike Hutchison, back to my pit knowing I would not be in the next race.


It was in the next race that Jamie had a crash, all by himself, that was recorded on camera.

We have proof positive that Brad had nothing to do with this one.


Time to rush off and pick up another Craigslist, $300 special, CL350 from Hiram, Georgia.

Gotta have it ready for THIS SATURDAY.


Stay tuned for more detailed information as time allows…


About videojackster

A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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