Spreading the Word: JaxBikes Goes Public

Welcome to JaxBikes, Atlanta!

In 1974, My father bought a 1972 Norton Commando Roadster (with Combat engine) from a friend of the family. Norton and Bob are both equally burned into my earliest of adult memories forever. The rumble started on the passenger seat for me. That’s the beginning of another story…

By the end of ’74, I was riding an early 1960s Bennelli 70 street bike (competitor with the Honda CT70 step through model) in an unfinished subdivision with both two and four stroke modern bikes at the time. 35 years later, I have as many bikes (mostly 1968-73, 350 Honda twins CB, CL, SL) I wrench to pay for my racing habit. Interested in a vintage 60s or 70s motorcycle that you can ride forever? I might have what you are looking for.

After five years of supporting vintage Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts, I have refined the process a bit.

A Habit, Self Sustaining…

Having a bike "Jacked" brings not only the knowledge that a majority of the "age evidence" has been removed from the bike, but also the cell phone support, email tech support, links, support documents, etc… that comes with it. Maintenance, repair, restoration, and my specialty – resurrection, are but a few of the services available from JaxBikes.

Video services may include (capture, edit, FX, DVD, etc…) for group rides, track days, race events, and more. If it’s motorcycle related, I’m interested. I am a video-professional and motorcycle-hobbyist. I work on old bikes from the old school and warranty neither the parts nor the labor. If you find an issue, give me a call and we will work though it. References from previous clients can be made available.

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Restoration and video example: http://www.sph.emory.edu/MULTIMEDIA/Test/Chopper.htm

I am aware of what Robert Pirsig meant when he described paid-amateur repair and maintenance personnel. I neither want to pay them to work on my bike nor ride it when they are done. I highly recommend "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". It’s a historical version of a timeless subject. The insights found within it’s pages will affect you for the rest of your life.

A Norton lover by exposure, I now specialize in Honda twins and singles, 1960 to 19xx. Fuel injection is a step beyond my realm. From what I hear, that’s simply a matter of replacing them when trouble arises. Other models "wrenched", but most purchases are minimized to early Hondas.

I work on all bikes as though they were my own. Most of the bikes I work on are mine. I have to sell a few each year to pay for my vintage motorcycle racing. I work on other people’s bikes on occasion. I can do most anything from simple maintenance to complete resurrection (reviving a bike after more than a decade without running). Vintage motorcycle racing means vintage motorcycle wrenching. So, one part of the hobby (racing) keeps me "up to speed" on the other part of the hobbby (wrenching).

My son likes to earn some money now and then, so I call him in for the detailing operations and we get to talk about any subject he wants while removing decades from old bikes. Makes for some good together time.

Complete "Jacking" includes 1) Gutting the fuel tract, 2) Carb rebuilding, 3) Ignition renewal, 4) Lubricant restoration, 5) Wheel/Brake/Bearing refreshing, 6) Chassis lubrication (internal & external), 7) Electrical refreshing, 8) Suspension/Handling assessment, 9) Inspection/Recommendations/Summary

Extended "Jacking" might include 1) Tires (mounting, tubes, balancing, etc…) 2) Video Documenting 3) Vintage Racer Conversions 4) Other vintage motocycle related opportunities

Either contact me or keep an eye out for my eBay or Craigslist offers.

Jack Houman
Dacula, GA
Vintage Racing Blog
videojack on eBay
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A freedom loving libertarian who really enjoys experiencing that freedom on a motorcycle, on the race track, as often as possible.
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